Teaching Poolside.


This a most rewarding experience!


You can simply join poolside for a few sessions and be attached to a group under the supervision of a qualified teacher, and see if you enjoy it - bet you do!!!


If you do - and you want to continue - there are several ways that you can do this. You do not have to become fully qualified if you do not wish to - but if you choose this option - you cannot take groups by yourself - but your contribution is still very valued.


Please note that we are quite happy for you to be an occational teacher - you do not have to come to every seesion - it would be VERY helpful to us if you agreed to be available for just a couple of sessions a term to cover for absent staff.


Or perhaps you would prefer to be a poolside helper rather then teacher - if so - click here for details.


If you do however wish to go further, you may take training at local course at Assistant teachers level initially. Details of this course are here.


Once you have this qualification and have some experience with us - you may then take the full teachers course - which incidentally qualifies you to take up paid employment as a swimming teacher either full time or part time in local swimming pools - they are always desperate and pay good rates - but I digress...


You can see that it is up to you have far you take things - and you do not have to commit to anything at the start - you can just come along - talk to us - and see how things go. Lots of people (the author of this web site included) have done just that - and have had the pleasurable experience of helping young people to gain a skill that could easily save a life in the future.


All training that you undertake is paid for by the club.


Gain a swimming teaching qualification


The club will pay ALL your expenses for this including the course and examination fees. You can even use this qaulificatinon to gain paid employment


Harrow leisure centre


ASA swimming body


Swimming teachers association